Friday, October 27, 2006
no looky see and shight like that

So it's been a tiny bit of chunk of time since i've written anything in this. I have no idea if anyone is going to read this... i hope not... i just wanna write stuff. But i really don't care if people see it either... yes, i am retarded.
So, my "loving and perfect" boyfriend treated me pretty closely to shit today... in my mind's eye any-whoie. Last night we didnt talk because we were both with friends. i stayed up about two hours after they went to sleep because i was thinking about how much i missed Matt. I was trying to think of more efficient ways of making him happy, while trying to fall asleep. I can't sleep well without talking to him but right now i don't know what i would say to him. Anyways, so as soon as i thought of a way to contact him today i did and i really wanted to talk to him... SOOOOO badly. When i finally got ahold of him with the talking he (i dont know how this is possible but he managed it) ignored me while actually conversing with me. i was trying to tell him that we would be together friday night but did he seem to give one little ounce of shit? no. He said "whatd your mom have to say bout that?" like all rebellious and shit. what did i do to deserve that kind of treatment. HELLO! I require attention and love and maybe a smigget of respect. but um.. guess i dont deserve it. Am i wrong? come on!
Tracie brought up graduation and how i didnt go to hers cuz i was at matt's. That reminded me that my "giving" boyfriend gave all his attention to his friends. i am okay with this as long as i get like a few looks and words and maybe a kiss or two but no... nope. so him acting like that to me on the phone just plain ol' pissed me off. He gets with his friends and i am the last thing on his mind. He is ALWAYS on my mind. I'm not on his.... what does that mean do you think?

son of a butt monkey,



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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Exert of Not All There

“What’s up with the porcelain dolls?” He asked randomly.

            She jumped at the mention and took out her knife, looking around suspiciously and turned to Travyss. “Did you see one?” Her eyes shifted to dark corners. “Or did someone tell you to say that to mess with my head?” She glared at him accusingly.   

            “Emily told me not to. I wasn’t sure why and wanted to find out…”

            “Oh,” She laughed nervously. “I thought you saw one run across the store or something!” She laughed again then looked at him sideways, “Don’t listen to warnings very well do you? Emily said not to and what do you do? Jeez.”

            He just stood there, blinking. “Are you crazy?” He asked simply.

            “No. Well, yes, but that’s not why I don’t like porcelain dolls. Okay, yes it is but… they’ve got eyes! And they don’t blink! And they’re accusing.”


            “Yes. Accusing eyes,” She nodded.

            He still looked at her as if she was speaking gibberish.

            “Never mind,” she dismissed it. 

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
The bystander effect: the more people= the less help

So i think it's story time. I would like to start with one i heard earlier. This a true story so pay attention. One day in California a girl was raped on the side of the highway. No one stoped and no one called the police. They just continued on. Maybe they thought that it was just weird and that the girl wasn't being raped. Maybe they werent paying that much attention. Or maybe the human race is lacking in the compassion department. We all have those days or weeks when we are so busy but are you so busy that when you see a girl struggling from underneth a guy that you dont call the cops? then i hope that the meteor comes sooner than expected. The story ends with a cop passing and seeing this, pulling onto the shoulder and all is well. All except the psychi of that poor girl. How could she trust any person again when she knows that her cries for help were muffled by engines and peoples lack of interest?

Ashamed to be Human,

The Omniscient

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
2005-2006 schedule

0 yearbook
1 art of some sort
2 aerobics
3 yearbook
4 ap psychology
5 creative writing
6 government
 and then ap studio art which aparently is on my own time. i dont know. school is dumb! im going to have 8 freaking classes.... whoo.

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the dread of it all!

Oh deary. School starts in about 7 days. School is not a happy place. I dislike it. Eventually i will fall back into the motion of things but for now i will just whine about the inevitable. I see Mr. Matt on Friday i do believe. that will be cool cuz on the fourth it will be 9 months and i do believe that is the first time since December that we've actually been in the same state on the fourth, and we werent technically dating at that time so that only slightly counts even though that was a really good time for both of us cuz we were having our own seperate issues before that. Okay that was a lot of back flashing... *shiver* anywhoie. Alls good. Im a little emotional i suppose but that happens. and i hate school and always get depressed a few weeks before school starts and now school starting also means seeing less of Matthew. WHICH IS UNEXCEPTABLE!!! but it happens. *blahhhhag!* doesnt mean i have to be happy about it.


this is a little picture that Nessa gave me. i think these things are fricken adoreable. Thank you Nessa! anyways im done being dumb... for NOW! hahahaha!

The Omniscient

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Monday, April 18, 2005
Dang... mmm this is "Untitled" m'kay? m'kay!

So yeah... havent rambled in this thingy for a while. The update in Ms. Pyro's life is that i am ungrounded (Yay!) and i am a mean kid. Thats all. i was probably mean before but i couldnt really remember what i was going to say after the and so i just reminded those who know me. i apologized to anyone i have reciently affended. So... im spose to go to prom with my very cute boyfriend in washington but my father is being an evil dictater and giving me the wrong answer. (thats "no" if you needed that explained.) Mmmmhhhmmm. I think i have a new band that i like each month. this month it is Sugarcult. ... Last month was Unwritten Law. yep. My tummy aches... Um... what else? Jeez! i havent rambled on this thingy for months and suddenly im at a loss for words. My favorite squirrle is Pill-z. Foamy's pill popping friend. Indeed. I kissed a drunk girl... who sings that? Something Corperate? perhaps... yeah i think so. im having a conversation with my self on my bloggy. So i have a boyfriend named Matty (dont call him that) and he's really cute, and sweet, and funny, and i like him alot. Mmmmhmmmmmmmm! i stand to his shoulders. yup.. he's tall im short. Dang. but not really cuz i dont really care. i mean that'd be weird if he was shorter than me. I need some crazy scary ideas cuz i have a lot but none i wanna write about so someone give me one... or two... yes. Im kinda jumpin around a lot for this blog... very sad. People are like "what the hell" cuz nothing really connects. You think this is bad? This is how my brain functions every flippin day, and it's not like it stops. no. So yeah.. im gonna stop talking now. Everyone say "yay!!!!!" yay... okay you people have a good day. Gutten Tag!

   The Omniscient PYRO

Friday, January 28, 2005
Nothing Fun Till April

I am grounded till aproxamitely April 2nd and i can't do just about anything. My car is not longer mine. i have to find a job before my birthday but they dont trust me to go out by myself to actually find one. I can't see Matt till April and i can't talk to him either. Which drives me crazy because i have issues and since he and i had been talking every night before i went to bed i can't get to sleep now. Im strange i know. Now i can't have miss Tracie come up here cuz she had time off in February but that might still work out. Who knows? The groundation isnt that bad. the only thing i have a problem with is not talking to Matt but we're working around that. They took my cell phone away. What else... oh yes, we had finals yesterday and the day before. i passed all of them i think but not very well. i probably have one A, two B's, and three C's. it's very sad. oh... actually that history one might be a D... hope not. Right anyways... I really need to start looking for a job, again. eeeeh. i feel sickly today. hmmm thats too bad. i kicked my brother's butt at Halo again today... I miss Matthew. .... i dont think theres anything else. ...this one sucks... i have to go write a twenty page paper for English now
have a spiffy day all. and if you feel sorry for me or youre just feeling generous than i accept chocolate. Thank you!

  Great and Powerfully dumb


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Monday, December 13, 2004
Death to Life!!!!

Oh how i hate the world. Only about nine days of happiness and then life attacks me. I hate life. i absolutely despise it. I really do. its okay though life an i have an mutual hatred. i stole his shoe... i dont know. My friends are dwendling. yes. erh! i've been having issues with a few people lately where they've just been annoying the hell out of me and i wanna hurt them but im really not as violent as my threats make me appear, so i dont. Apparently im a bitch.. like i've said before; not much ever changes. I've been a heinous bitch for the past month apparently so i should become a hermet again. Since i havent improved any. God damn it give me a fucking break! My best friend left for the second time and lives eighteen hours down south, the guy that just makes me melt lives two hours away up north, my grades are slipping and i have no idea whats going on because my two friends who i have here are always talking to eachother and i therefore never talk to them. I guess i shouldnt worry about that because one hates me anyways and the other just feels sorry for me and my stupidity and meaningless life. Oooooooooh! look more complaining. when do i stop? never, because im a whinner and i should drown in a river of spegetti sauce. yeah thats what i said. So if you hadnt already guessed today offially sucked. nothin good about it. at all. Ever notice how people like you after youre dead. just  a random thought. Things will probably work themselves out but i just dont care because im fed up with my life.

  ~Pyro~ Crybaby

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004
No more "waaa" for now

The last two entries have been kinda "waaa!" so i've decided to make it alittle more cheery by leting people know that i have no more issues with the washatonian and that he and i are very much good but then again we're not because we're 101 miles away from eachother but.. eh. i really miss him and its only been two days since i've seen him last but it feels like a month! er. Damn it! Hopefully i get to see him this weekend... my mom already said no but i'll try to beg.

~Omniscient Pyro~


Wednesday, November 17, 2004
Dilemma For Pyro

   Do you see how everything revolves around the Washatonians? Yeah, cuz this one does too.. kinda. I might as well admit it, it all revolves around me. jk. anyways, Issues! I was trying to move on, away from the confusing Washatonian but then the whole problem was that Mr. Him wasnt going to move down here senior year and i guess now he is, do to credit issues. So when i was moving on i kinda instigated a possible relationship with a good friend off mine and now that i know that Mr. Matt and i have a chance i dont exactly know what to do about my friend because, sure i like him, but its minute compaired to my feelings for Matt and now my buddy wants to ask me out and im not sure if he likes me or just cuz i showed interest in him and Tracie is a butt. So, what do i do now? Wait for Matt or lead both of them on. Cuz in a sense that is what i'd be doing. ... i just need to talk to certian people cuz i apparently can't make up my mind. I feel like such a bitch. oi. Times don't change much do they? *sigh*

~~The Retard~~

(i know nothing!!!)

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